Are you looking for products or services that your knowledge can create or do you want to look into their potential? As a commercialisation agent supported by the Research Council of Norway, Innoventus Sør can assist with a number of matters including:

Idea assessment

  • Commercial potential

    We will clarify the potential and need for the product or service in the market. Clarifications such as market research and patent investigations.

  • The team

    A good team is vital for success. We will help you ensure that your team has the necessary expertise.

Project phase

Professional business developers will assist you in developing your idea with the goal of reaching the market. Needs will vary along the way. The goal may be a licence agreement with industry, starting your own company or entering the incubator. We can assist with a number of matters including:

  • Financing
  • Prototypes
  • Patenting
  • Licence agreements
  • Finding business partners
  • Establishing collaboration and agreements with industry
  • Company formation

FORNY is the Research Council of Norway’s targeted programme for the increased commercial use of publicly financed research results in Norway. By investing in the most commercially promising projects, FORNY will help bring promising research results closer to or fully into the market.

Goal of the programme
  • To move commercially promising research results closer to or fully into the market by reducing risks and thereby helping to prompt the next stage of the commercialisation process.
  • Professional, efficient and specialist commercialisation agents (TTOs) associated with publicly financed research establishments in Norway.
  • Increased entrepreneurial and commercialisation culture amongst students, researchers and management in Norwegian universities, colleges and research establishments.
Our core competence

Commercialisation and business development

  • Market understanding
  • Customer understanding
  • Technology understanding and IPR
  • Entrepreneur understanding
  • Intelligent financing

Since 1999 Innoventus Sør has assisted with the commercialisation and formation of over 200 businesses in the region.

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