You have the idea, the determination and the will to carry it through.

We have the tools, expertise and experience of a large number of startup companies.

Our role is to act as your closest sparring partner.

Professional business developers will assist you in clarifying the market potential for your idea.

After a three-month period we will challenge your idea with you where the goal is to identify the basis for establishing a growth business.


During this period we will be using recognised methods and tools based on Lean Startup principles. Lean Startup means faster and more targeted product launching and less need for financing during the startup of a new company. The method is recognised and focuses on reducing the time it takes to develop products through early product launching, learning from interaction with customers, and product adaptation.With Lean Startup, if you are successful, you can establish a company without major initial investment and secure customers before running out of funds.

We will share our experience, expertise and networks

We will assist you in clarifying market obstacles and market opportunities, which is of vital importance in the early phase. This means that we will challenge your idea in relation to actual customer and market needs.

Together we will look for possible routes into the market. This is by means of customer interviews, market analyses and focus on identifying actual problem areas.

We will share our knowledge of different grant and financing schemes and of relevant networks.

Contact us

Contact us if you would like us to help identify possible routes into the market at an early stage or would like to know more.

When this period is over, it will be possible to be admitted into our incubator programme to further develop the idea.

We work with startup companies with the potential to be the new growth businesses of tomorrow. Is this you?

We are looking for

  • Ideas with an innovative potential

  • Ideas with large growth potential

  • That you have a need to be associated with the incubator

  • That you want to listen to and work with us

  • That you are passionate about your idea

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